AgileBio is a leader in providing to scientist teams, whether from institutional or from commercial companies, with collaborative tools that enhance research productivity and traceability.

AgileBio focus on agile software design to turn research teams into more agile structures, in exchanging and promoting internal information. Teams can therefore benefit from unique Intranet based software solutions, allowing centralized management of data fluxes and a more efficient information sharing empowering generally underused computer networks.

We build and implement custom and packaged IT solutions that meet the demand of highly competitive companies or labs like yours. Our clients turn to AgileBio time and time again because they trust us to get IT right from the start.

AgileBio is focused on Open Source technologies! We are expert in Perl, PHP, mySQL, Linux. But we are not closed to these technologies. We can and usually recommend a mix of Windows and MacOS worlds. This makes original and powerful client/server solutions for the biosciences labs.


AgileBio project was founded in 2002 from the marriage of biological and informatics experiences of Pierre Rodrigues, who has a Ph.D. in Virology (Pasteur Institute and Paris 7 University). It was a long maturation, starting in early Internet ages with MBS - Molecular Biology Shortcuts (1998) which was a pioneer portal for scientists gathering links, protocols, tools, forums, etc. With MBS, the first online tools were designed and met a quick success. In 2002, JustBio.com was launched to unify and modernize these online tools.

The success of JustBio.com led to AgileBio, which is committed to design unique solutions to scientist's teams and companies to turn them into more agile structures. AgileBio currently develops LabCollector and LabCal solutions.

10 years already!

We have been serving you for 10 years. Our software solutions are

USA presence

A US-based office and branch was opened in San Diego, CA in Oct 2014. The amercian office serves and support our North-American clients.