Informatique de Labo


Experts en développement de logiciels pour laboratoires, nous réalisons vos solutions bioinformatiques et autres logiciels collaboratifs métier. Découvrez notre LIMS/ELN (LabCollector).

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Services IT

Infogérance et web

De simples développements web à de l'infogérance serveurs. Agilisez votre structure et confiez-nous votre projet IT (serveurs, cloud, virtualisation...).

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Matériel de Labo

Accessoires de laboratoire

Notre division commerciale pour laboratoires est spécialisée en fournitures pour le stockage et la traçabilité. Tubes cryogéniques, racks, matériel de codes barres ou suivi de températures... Nous avons toute une gamme disponible.

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Traçabilité et biométrie

AgileBio propose une vaste gamme d'équipements de traçabilité et biométrie. Contactez-nous pour tout besoin en lecteurs codes barres, imprimantes, RFID, biométrie...

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Simplified Scheduling cost-effective solution

  • Replace paper scheduling
  • Eliminates double booking
  • Designed with simplicity

The easiest way to manage your equipment and facilities booking

LabCal is ideal to mid-size to large organizations, labs, institutes, etc. It allows users to manage reservations for an unlimited number of equipment, rooms or facilities. Easily find available equipment on a specific time slot. It even supports recurrent bookings. Users can be restricted to access only specific equipment categories. Reservation rules are available.

Schedule daily and weekly equipment/facilities usages

recurring feature

Give your team the power to quickly schedule equipment or facilities.

Save time with the recurring feature. Reservations may be repeated daily or weekly. For example, the ‘Recurrence’ options allows reservations to be made once every four days, on Monday, Tuesday and Friday of each week for example. A graphical reporting section gives hours and usage frequency per user, equipment, categories...

Network based

LabCal system is a robust scheduling system that enables labs or organizations to centralize their equipment and facilities resources. Supports Active Directory (LDAP) logins.

Eliminating unnecessary delays in scheduling, LabCal automatically checks for conflicts and displays a simple, at-a-glance user interface. To add a new reservation, just click once on the time slot you wish to schedule the reservation.

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