Collaborative Management Solutions

AgileBio develops and proposes unique collaborative tools to help you and your collaborators to share crucial biological data and information. Your team can now work really as a team. At anytime, data and information are available to all.

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AgileBio's flagship software has increased into a modular and fully features all-in-one software toolbox for laboratory management and notebook. It is one of the first full-web software for the management of lab information (LIMS - Lab Information Management Solution) or Electronic Lab Notebook(ELN). It is composed of 12 integrated modules and unlimited custom ones: Strains, Plasmids (with automatic image map editor), Primers, Sequences (with easy bioinformatics tools), Reagents & Chemicals, Samples, Equipment, Animals, Antibodies, Adress Book and documents, and basically any data repository created as custom module, turning it into a versatile modular solution. It is capables of barcode editing and have a detailed storage manager. A growing catalog of add-ons adapts to many specialized labs. Read more on LabCollector's website.

Discover I-Collector

This is the easiest and affordable solution to connect all your lab equipment. I-Collector allows a simple interfacing management according to your needs and with your LIMS or LabCollector or simply on file storing.

It will launch all tasks and jobfrom each equipment and archive all patient results (or assays). Connects with webservices to your LIMS. It also recovers patient data from the LIMS and associate everything. It has a simple value correction interface if needed.

It is already compatible with a n increasing number of equipment existing on the market (Roche Cobas series, Mindray series, Sysmex series...) but more are added by simple request.

Discover LabCal

The first collaborative Intranet calendar software to manage reservations and scheduling for an unlimited number of equipments, rooms or facilities. It even supports recurrent bookings. more